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Centre Technologies (Headquartered in Houston, TX)

Located in the 29th Congressional district of Texas, with offices and operations in other Congressional districts in Texas and Oklahoma

District Representative, Sylvia Garcia

Centre Technologies (Centre or the Company) ( is a mission critical information technology solutions provider primarily focused on small and medium sized businesses. Centre’s suite of solutions is a unique combination of product offerings and consultative services that cater to businesses’ specific information technology, hardware, software, support, security and infrastructure needs. Centre’s offerings and services provide small and medium sized businesses an efficient and effective means to access information technology solutions that may otherwise be cost prohibitive or unavailable on a stand-alone basis. Headquartered in Houston, Texas and founded in 2006, Centre has grown organically and in-organically to become a leading provider of information technology services in Texas.

Main Street Capital Corporation, a publicly traded Business Development Company and a long-term licensee of the Small Business Investment Company program through its wholly owned subsidiaries, made its initial investment in Centre in 2019.  Since Main Street’s initial investment, Centre’s headcount has more than doubled, growing from approximately 100 employees to over 200 employees. In addition, Centre has completed three strategic acquisitions, expanding into the Austin and San Antonio markets and most recently into Oklahoma. With Main Street’s support, the Company continues to seek organic and in-organic growth opportunities throughout Texas and neighboring states. “We are very pleased with our partnership with the equity owners and management team of Centre and are excited to be in position to continue to support the Company as they execute their continued growth plans in Texas and surrounding states,” said Main Street’s CEO, Dwayne Hyzak.