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Venture & Growth Capital

Venture capital provides financing for young, innovative companies, serving as an engine for economic growth though at considerable risk. Growth equity is a form of venture capital that aims to ameliorate that risk by investing in a private start-up company’s last stretch before it goes public or sells. Often the same private equity firms do both traditional venture capital and growth equity investing. The stages of VC investing follow a road map of successive rounds of funding, labeled by the letters of the alphabet.

  • Pre-seed or seed funding. The initial round takes place as the start-up performs market research, drafts a business plan, and lays out its legal and ownership framework.
  • Series A funding. This round takes place after the start-up has begun selling products and services and generating revenue.
  • Series B funding. This round typically occurs when the startup is expanding production or services. The business must prove its ability to scale. ‍
  • Series C funding. This round takes place when the young company has established a record of sales growth. It may expand product or service offerings, push into new markets and make acquisitions.‍
  • Series D funding and beyond. Some companies require additional financing, especially if growth has not followed a smooth trajectory, which may entail series D or more funding.

The Small Business Investor Alliance regularly engages with members of Congress, regulatory agencies, and outside stakeholders to promote small business capital formation and to expand access to capital for entrepreneurs and growing companies throughout the United States. Members of SBIA participate in industry councils for sector-specific updates on policy and regulatory matters and educational opportunities.

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